April 29, 2010

Some people like it official

We now have distribution through Discriminate Music. They do a fine job of clearly laying everything out, with sound samples, artwork and descriptions. Very nice indeed.
Please get in touch with them.

We've been working on tapes by The North Sea and Tärr.

They should be ready within a month.

Brad Rose of The North Sea and Eden Hemming Rose will be playing a show in Chicago as ALTAR EAGLE, at Enemy on May 7th. We are hoping to have the tape ready by then. That would be most functional. The tape is called "Relinquished Sparks". It's a sparse and elegant excursion for the project, yet maintains a great amount of intensity. We're extremely honoured to be working on it with him, and everything is turning out really well. The artwork is still a product of E. Lindorff @ Notice Rec. Corp., but this time on the darker side.

Also playing this gig will be Caboladies and Zelienople. All these guys put on absurdly good shows. Highly recommended.

Other information regarding this and other projects, including the Tärr release, is forthcoming.

ALL tapes are still available. Please be in touch.

Happy Spring to you all.