August 17, 2011


If you've ben referred here from a forum post or other type of internet promotion, please know that these tapes are currently available ! We have not had a chance to announce them here, as we're both in the midst of a busy week of moving. The tapes are all set and ready to go, so please place an order. Our Paypal address is noticerecordings at gmail dot com.


For information regarding these tapes, please see the following sites :

August 03, 2011

Organ of Species

A review for the Organ Of Species tape has been posted, unbeknownst to us, way back in June on the Animal Psi website.

This tape is still available, and is perfect for the steady growth of summer environments. Get in touch if you'd like to purchase a copy. It would be 6.5$ for North America, and 9.5$ for International purchase. A deal may be had if purchased with other tapes. Contact us at noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

August 01, 2011

Evan Lindorff-Ellery's Drawings on Tristesse Engraved

" Summer Travels Abound "

Notice Recordings artist and co-owner Evan James Lindorff-Ellery currently has drawings featured in the new issue of Tristesse Engraved, an online art magazine curated by sound artist and composer Jez Riley French. Some of these drawings have been featured on Notice Recordings' release artwork, and all of them have been sourced from similar frames of mind.

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