December 22, 2011

NTR022 & NTR021 - Windmill • Waterwheel & 56K

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Sale for these tapes is purchasing both for 12$ North America / 16$ World
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( Notice #22 ) — Windmill • Waterwheel : " Waterwheel • Windmill " (C40)
One may be aware of Kirk Marrison’s work through Fibreforms and Kiln. During the mid-'90s, Marrison collaborated with NYC guitarist Charlie Nash (Arsenal/Rhys Chatham) on two releases slated for Alley Sweeper Records. The first, Waterwheel – Panchroma, was released, but due to the disintegration of the label, the second was not. " WaterwheelWindmill " is that release, finally emerging in 2011 under the WindmillWaterwheel moniker. Combining rhythmic explorations with some seriously alive processing and textures, these pieces still feel fresh today, 15 years after they were recorded.

Nash moved to the Midwest, but his influence on the late-‘70s No Wave New York scene has been noted. Here, he provides a variety of musical textures with objects, prepared and played guitar, and guitar as transmitter of beauty. Marrison sculpts these into teeming atmospherics, constantly dipping in and out of amorphous spaces; at times sounding like a forest and at times like clippings of forgotten landscapes, sewn together by threads of hot water.

- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Pro-printed on heavy stock.
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.
- Type II Cobalt
- Edition of 100

( Notice #21 ) — 56K : " Generations Lost " (C30)
Generations Lost is the debut Notice Recordings release of 56K, the new project of Josh Burke. Over the past few years, Burke has released dozens of tapes under several aliases—Sky Limousine, Ocean Diamond, Silk Fountain, etc—showcasing his ethereal synth constructions. As this tape’s title suggests, 56K continues Burke’s explorations on themes related to memory, perception, and reproduction. Highlights from the half-dozen tracks include the trancelike unfolding epic “A Dream Within A Dream,” the retro-gaming arpeggiated breakdown of the title track, and “Angel,” a bold and mysterious New Age homage. Elusive and dreamlike, these half-recognized zones emerge organically from the musical framework of Burke’s pieces.

- Collaborative artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery and Josh Burke. Pro-printed on heavy stock.
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.
- Type II Cobalt
- Edition of 100

Copies of some of our back catalogue is available as well. Contact us. Deals may be had.

Items :
- We now have a Facebook account. Use it however you Like; with Facebook the world is your oyster, apparently. Our actual website is still in the works.
- Dense Reduction has a nearly-released tape entitled " Aina Exchange ", released on The Offices Of Moore & Moore. Should be available from them soon, and us a bit later on.

Happy Holidays to all. Spread positive energy and pay attention to the small lights at night.

December 21, 2011

56K and windmill<>waterwheel: sound samples

The upcoming Notice pair of 56K and windmill<>waterwheel; sound samples here.

More info in a moment...

December 13, 2011

Ben Owen - "Birds and Water, 1" Reviews

Reviews have been posted here :
Brian Olewnick / Just Outside, here
Jesse Goin / Crow With No Mouth, here
Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly, here
BW Diedrich / Everything in Generalities, here

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November 10, 2011

Tape Mix by Discrepant

Discrepant has posted a tape mix made by Quiet Evenings, the husband/wife duo which comprises Grant and Rachel Evans. It's a lovely mix of fairly recent releases, and makes us think of the "tape scene" circa 2008. So long ago, right ?

Good for, well, quiet evenings, perhaps in the countryside. At times an urbanness appears, albiet cloaked in at least two decades old garments, emitting a strange light. Strange light.

It can be downloaded here.

Appearing in this mix is Organ of Species' Notice Recordings tape, "Random Selection". You can see it thirdly placed amongst the other tapes in the image above. We have a few more copies of this available, so please get in touch if you'd like one. Deals may be had if ordering other releases !
noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com is our Paypal and email.

November 08, 2011

Tiny Music - "Epitaph" reviews

Bobby Power has written a review for a recently released tape by Tiny Music, called "Epitaph". Release information for this tape can be found here, and the review can be found here.

It is still available for purchase, so please get in touch.

noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

Update :
Animal Psi has also posted a review here.

October 18, 2011

NTR018 - Ben Owen - "Birds and Water, 1"

Price is 7$ North America / 10$ World
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#1 : ( Notice #18 ) Ben Owen : "
Birds and Water, 1
" (C94)

Those with a certain taste will be familiar with Ben Owen’s subtle yet stunning design work with his Brooklyn-based Winds Measure Recordings imprint, which also releases his own carefully crafted music in both collaborative and solo form. These are two masterfully textured sidelong pieces exemplifying his attention to craft, process, and detail at the most painstaking levels, while still embracing the sonic imprecision of the cassette tape medium.
"These recordings were made on residency with The Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY during May 2010. This was my third and—unknown to me at the time—last residency, as the Center has now closed. While two of three residencies were in partial an audio/video collaboration with Justin Lincoln, the Birds and Water series is my main body of work created at ETC. The recordings are both sound and sound and image based pieces using David Jones' image processing system. ETC expanded operations in 1974 with the first Jones Colorizer, and in 1975 with a set of keyers, a multi-input syncable sequencer and a bank of oscillators, all designed and constructed by David Jones. The analog system modules coupled with several external op amp generators are heard in these sessions. Numerous patches and variations of each were recorded in extended durations. Side A was recorded direct to cassette tape. Both recordings are presented in their unedited duration.
Thanks to Hank Rudolph, Sherry and Ralph Hocking, Justin Lincoln, Giuseppe Ielasi and Evan Lindorff-Ellery."
- Ben Owen

Tracklist :
Side A : cs-100507-s1 (46:47)
Side B : 100509-07 (47:39)

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. This release features collaborative artwork by Owen and Evan Lindorff-Ellery.
Cover art silk screen printed by the fine folks at Sonnenzimmer print studio in Chicago. Thanks to them for their help.

- Silk screen printed sleeve designed by Lindorff-Ellery. Two inserts included featuring video stills by Owen
- An edition of 200
- Type II Chrome cassette tape, C94

Copies of some tapes in our back catalogue are also available. Contact us. Deals may be had.

Items of Interest :
- TOUR Travis Bird and Evan Lindorff-Ellery (and sometimes as Dense Reduction) are still on tour with Super-8mm filmmaker Jaap Pieters. Our tour is about half over. Currently writing this from Pittsburgh. So far we've received wonderful reception from the films and sound. If you're in or near a city that finds us making a stop, please come by for the screening. The shows are cheap or by donation.
- Photographs of the tour may be found on Evan's blog and the "official" tour blog directed by Jaap.
- Forthcoming releases by Sound Collision Alliance, Josh Burke, Illusion of Safety, John Cage's "One3", Derek Ho's string quartets, Anne Guthrie, Jez Riley French, Waterwheel/Windmill (a Kiln-related project), Seth Cluett, Ryan Jewell and more.
- Our website is currently still (still !) in the works. Nathan McLaughlin has been an invaluable guide during this venture into unknown territory, which is website coding. Seems to be on hold for the moment...

October 01, 2011

Tour imminent

Larger image available here

Below are tour dates for the upcoming tour, now "The Eye of Amsterdam Super 8 U.S. Tour." The Eye of Amsterdam, of course, refers to our traveling companion, Jaap Pieters. Be sure to catch Travis & Evan accompanying his amazing films if we pass your way.

Dates below...

Autumn tour with Jaap Pieters and Dense Reduction and solo

October 5 – New York - Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, 10003 (films only)

October 6 – New York - Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, 10003 (films only)

October 9 – Brooklyn – Vaudeville Park, 26 Bushwick Avenue, 11211 (music with Dense Reduction, w/ Ben Owen, Yellow Crystal Star, Anne Guthrie)

October 10 - Middletown Springs, VT - Dogstar Arts, 277 Spruce Knob Rd, 05757 (films, Travis and Evan accompaniment)

October 12 – Boston – O’Brien’s Pub, 3 Harvard Avenue, 02134 (music with Dense Reduction, w/ Xela, Veiled, Abromiax, Double Awake), 8 PM/$7

October 13 – Boston - Spectacle, 128 Brookside, 02130 (films, Travis and Evan accompaniment)

October 14 – Philadelphia – TBA (films, Travia and Evan accompaniment)

October 17 – Pittsburgh - Melwood Screening Room @ Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 477 Melwood, 15213 (films, Travis and Evan accompaniment)

October 18 – Pittsburgh – TBA (music with Dense Reduction)

October 19 – Toledo - Robinwood Concert House, 2564 Robinwood Ave, 43610 (films, Travis and Evan accompaniment)

October 21 – Chicago - Cinema Borealis, 1550 N. Milwaukee, 60622 (films, Travis and Evan accompaniment)

October 22 – Chicago - Enemy, 1550 N. Milwaukee, 60622 (music with Dense Reduction), 7 PM

October 25 – Madison – Good Style Shop (solo music)

October 26 – Madison - Union South, 1308 W. Dayton St, 53715 (films, Travis accompaniment)

October 29 - Milwaukee - Mitchell Hall at UWM, Room B-91, 3203 N. Downer Avenue, 53211 (films, Travis accompaniment)

September 12, 2011

Updates, News *UPDATED*

Some tapes are still available, specifically the two just announced, so please send us an email for purchase if you're interested. We also have some back stock available at discounted prices.
*Paypal and contact is: noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

A few things which have developed recently and are worth mentioning here :

Travis Bird and Evan Lindorff-Ellery will be touring with Dutch filmmaker Jaap Pieters, playing sound and music to his silent Super-8 films. This is a collaboration which developed after Travis' meeting with him at the Media City Film Festival in Windsor, Ontario. We will be playing some Dense Reduction material, but primarily more improv-based sound works to accompany his films.

In other news, an email-conducted interview by Foxy Digitalis / Digitalis Industries has been posted on their site. A fine example of how we see things, now:

The Wire magazine has posted two of our tapes on their "Sleeves Received" blog, featuring "gems" received in their "mailbag". A great, simple blog, highlighting some of the fantastic printing and design work on so many records, CDs, and cassette tapes these days. Here:

Thank you

September 04, 2011

Notice #16 & #19 - Evan Lindorff-Ellery & Tiny Music

Two new tapes for the late Summer

Prices are 6.5$ North America / 9.5$ World
Sale : Both for 11$ North America / 16$ World
noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

Shipping Costs, Multiple Item Deals

#1 : ( Notice #16 ) Evan Lindorff-Ellery : " The Tea Merchant and His Atmospheres " (C90)

Notice’s own resident artist returns with his second solo tape. The Tea Merchant and His Atmospheres is a fully realized and personal work of minimal, expressionist sound art that incorporates elements from the artist’s life, including field recordings from his home and travels as well as layers of at-home processing, including the use of radio static, room tone, and cassettes that he’s developed as half of Dense Reduction. Minimal yet highly textured sound environments run up against each other loftily like waves against foreign shores. As the pieces deepen over the course of each side, Lindorff-Ellery unfolds the mysterious connections that make up a sense of home and a sense of self. Non-narrative, nonrepresentational, closely observed and resolutely analog. Through the use of these elements, Lindorff-Ellery is mapping his life and environments. - Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Pro-printed on heavy stock. - An edition of 100. - Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.

Larger cover art is available using this link : ... full-1.jpg

#2 : ( Notice #19 ) Tiny Music : " Epitaph " (C32)

Originally based in Chicago, Tiny Music developed a uniquely organic performance style, laying out an instrumental smorgasbord on the floor and performing acoustically—an intimate throwback that put the listener in direct contact with the band. In recorded form,Epitaph reveals even more of Tiny Music’s sense of structure and dynamics that makes their music so fascinating. The two sidelong pieces flow, as through a house or a silent film, from one musical doorway to the next—sometimes foreboding, sometimes flowering into complex or even composed musicality, but always dense and colorful. Side A meanders from its appealing din into a low drone, and Side B weaves abstract melodies through a hectic sound marketplace, with winding, squeaking, and even laughter dotting the mix, interspersed between plaintive, dark motifs. Tiny Music’s homey clatter on Epitaph uniquely mixes group improvisation, folk tradition, and pure exploration. -Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Pro-printed on heavy stock. - An edition of 100. - Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.

Larger cover art is available using this link :

Copies of the following tapes are available :

NTR007 - Dense Reduction, Shadows of Shipwrecks in Napkins on Shore (few) NTR011 – Yellow Crystal Star, Pathway To Celestial Towers (few) NTR014 - Godseye, No More Cake Here (few) NTR015 - Organ of Species, Random Selection NTR017 - Nathan McLaughlin, Echolocation #5

If you’re interested in any of these, let us know. Deals may be had.

Items of Interest :
- Dense Reduction duo Travis Bird and Evan Lindorff-Ellery will be performing soundtrack accompaniment to Jaap Pieters' films during the month of October. This will start in New York City, briefly travelling to a barn in Vermont, and then back South through Pennsylvania, Ohio and finishing in Chicago. DR will also be embarking on a tour throughout parts of the Southern and Western United States during the month of January.
- Forthcoming releases by Ben Owen, Sound Collision Alliance, Josh Burke, Illusion of Safety, John Cage's "One3", Derek Ho's string quartets, Anne Guthrie, Jez Riley French and many more.
- We have been featured in a series about tape labels based in Chicago by The Onion's online AV Club. This video interview can be seen here :,54973/ The interview occurred last Spring.
- Notice Recordings co-owner and sound and visual artist Evan Lindorff-Ellery currently has his drawings featured in Jez Riley French's online art zine. They may be viewed here :
- Our website is currently still in the works. Nathan McLaughlin has been an invaluable guide during this venture into unknown territory, which is website coding.