February 25, 2010

Briefly ; more later

Just a quick post for the moment.

The Travis Bird & Daniel Burke tape, "Negentropy" is now for sale.
Notices 3 & 4 : Dense Reduction tapes, "Hobbes Diamond" and "Cornerstone Mill" are now for sale.
The Illusion of Safety reissue, "Repairs", has been duplicated and is back from the plant, but the inserts still need to be printed.
Those of you who have made pre-orders, we thank you ! The tapes will go out as soon as possible.
**Pre-orders help fund new releases. All money received goes towards new releases**

All tapes are 6$ and orders and pre-orders are accepted. Everything is available.

Forthcoming tapes by Yellow Crystal Star, Red Electric Rainbow and Jon Mueller are in discussion.

Upcoming is a series of C90 tapes by E. Lindorff-Ellery utilising layers of rediscovered unmastered 4-Track tapes of bell and metallic loops, diffused field recordings, AM radio, empty sounds of amplified portable audio players, blank tapes, and internal feedback, all recorded live to stereo 2-Track, creating a subjective (non)narrative of textual successions.

Pictures of tapes, samples of audio and descriptions of content are all coming soon.

The craziness of the blog may end soon, being replaced by an actual website.

Please be in touch.
Thank you.

February 19, 2010

Show tonight : Z'EV, Travis Bird & Daniel Burke, Vertonen

Not sure if this will draw anyone new in, but just a reminder of the show tonight at Enemy, in Chicago.

1550 N Milwaukee, up the stairs.
Featuring a rare live performance by Z'EV, a performance by Notice Recordings guitar duo Travis Bird & Daniel Burke, as well as a performance by Vertonen, who is sure to play a great set of dynamic and textural sound layers.

There will be a new post about new tapes for sale soon.

Please be in touch.
noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you.

February 09, 2010

The recent live WNUR performance by Travis Bird and Daniel Burke is now available for listening on the station's website. The performance included a number of diverse passages, as well as a brief interview. Video was captured throughout and will be edited into visual elements for future performances, and perhaps a throwback "music video," once a staple for major-label-backed television exposure.

Chicago is experiencing a lively and unexpected snowstorm today. Those not working outdoors will toast once again to the continued bravery of such hearty souls who keep the city functioning during these white moments.

February 08, 2010

Illusion Of Safety, "Repairs" -- Forthcoming Reissue and other News

In the works is an Illusion Of Safety cassette reissue of the 1988 release, "Repairs". Originally released on Sound of Pig, this is the first reissue of the material. Moreover, the original cassette medium will be respected and maintained.
Once again, this is a cassette reissue, not a CD reissue.
This is currently in production and will be available in a couple weeks. However, you may place a pre-order for it by sending -- using Paypal --
6$ for North America and 9$ for World-wide shipping to noticerecordings[at]gmail[dot]com .
This is NOW available for purchase. Please send orders using the information above.
This release is also coniciding with Illusion of Safety's reissue of "Probe", once again available on the newly rekindled Perdition Plastics. It can be purchased here, here or here.

Also in the works is a new tape by Daniel Burke (IOS) and Notice Recordings co-owner and half of Dense Reduction, Travis Bird.
This will also be available in a couple weeks.

**UPDATE** This is now available for purchase.

Finally, this is all coinciding with a show at Chicago's Enemy, on February 19th.
Information can be found here. This show will feature a rare performance by Z'EV as well as by Vertonen and Travis Bird & Daniel Burke.

All these releases will be available at the show, in addition to Notice Recordings thus far by Dense Reduction, Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird & Daniel Burke. Maybe more "unofficial" Notices ...

1550 North Milwaukee Ave
Doors at 9:00
Show at 10:30