March 28, 2010

FOR SALE; Illusion OF Safety "Repairs" Reissue is now available. All other tapes still available.

The classic Illusion Of Safety cassette tape originally issued on Sound Of Pig in 1988 is now available after some delay regarding the printing. Finally, we found an excellent and friendly printer : Kill Hatsumomo right here in Chicago. She did a great job. The cover art is the same as the original, given to us by Dan Burke, except this time it's silkscreen printed. The paper is heavyweight. The whole package looks great ! We have about 30 of these for sale from us, from an Edition of 50. Dan has some as well.

This is the same price as the other tapes : 6$ for North America and 9$ for the World.
Please Paypal the money to noticerecordings[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks to those who pre-ordered. Please contact for other options of payment.

All the other tapes are currently available as well, pictured below.
If you buy 3 tapes, we will give you one for free. Buy all 6 tapes for 30$ including worldwide shipping. Selling tapes funds more releases, and we have lots to release !

Notices #3 & #4 are pictured above in two different ways. Along with the previous 2 Notices, the Travis Bird & Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety) tape, "Negentropy", is also listed.
Click on each image for enlarged versions.
The first four cassettes pictured are letterpress printed ink drawings by E. Lindorff-Ellery, 2 panel fold-over inserts on heavy-weight, textured stock. "Repairs" is, as mentioned above, silkscreen printed.

March 24, 2010

Samples ; easy to hear

We now have a Soundcloud website.
More samples will be available soon, but for now we have these :

Dense Reduction Samples  by  Notice Recordings

March 22, 2010


The above listed artists will be playing a show in Chicago, on the 26th of March.
This should be an extraordinary show, and you are encouraged to attend.
The price is 5$.

For sale at this show will be the Illusion of Safety reissue, "Repairs", and also Dan's collaborative guitar duo tape with Travis Bird, "Negentropy".

Not so common to see Wiese come through Chicago, so this is an event not to be missed.

Location :
Viaduct Theatre. 3111 North Western, just south of Belmont. Under a bridge !
With bleachers ! Damn. Make sure you make it.

21+, Doors @ 10, Sound @ 10:30.
Again, 5$. Five dollars.

March 19, 2010

Show Saturday at Hotti Biscotti

Dense Reduction will be playing a show with Illusion of Safety and Travis Bird & Daniel Burke this Saturday, the 20th.

Hotti Biscotti
3545 Fullerton


Hope you can make it.

More later.

March 01, 2010

Dense Reduction / Jason Soliday & James Edgelake @ Hotti Biscotti

Here is a video for the Dense Reduction and Jason Soliday & James Edgelake performances at Hotti Biscotti on 23 January 2010. There is some digital clicking throughout the videos (mainly Dense Reduction), but it's just from a slightly faulty video camera, and is not part of the performances.

Filmed by Acid Marshmallow -->

Dense Reduction
January 23rd, 2010
at Hotti Biscotti in Chicago

Jason Soliday & James Edgelake
January 23rd, 2010
at Hotti Biscotti in Chicago