July 23, 2011

Dense Reduction : "Shadows Of Shipwrecks In Napkins On Shore"

A review for Dense Reduction's tape "Shadows of Shipwrecks in Napkins on Shore" has been posted on the Foxy Digitalis website here. A flattering and oddly both inaccurate and accurate review. Never have DR been considered "ultra-leftfield dance" and "minimal wave". Amusing ! Thank you Jan-Arne Sohns for the kind review.

The financial benefit for us in this review would be Sohns' mention of the current availability of this tape. Indeed, it is. Available. You may purchase this, and other tapes, buy *clicking this button*

Shipping Costs

In other news, Travis Bird has been enjoying his solo tour on the East Coast, and had a recent radio programme with Joe Houpert of Loud & Sad on WPRB, which may be available as streaming audio here, at some point.

Announcements for two new tapes will made next week.
After that, in August, will be Yellow Crystal Star and Josh Burke.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer. It has been oppressively hot in Chicago.

July 14, 2011

Travis Bird on Tour

Travis Bird, co-owner of this label and one half of Dense Reduction, is currently embarking upon a solo tour through the East Coast. The performances will consist of guitar and amplified object sound work, including objects accumulated along the way.

The dates are listed here :

July 15, FRI – Roup House, Pittsburgh, PA, w/ Alex Barnett, Brett Naucke, Hunted Creatures, Coyotes By The Way ; 7 PM, $5 suggested

July 18, Mon – The Silent Barn, New York, NY w/ Forma, Millions, Dads Against Vietnam ; 9 PM

July 19, Tues – Sprout, Richmond, VA ; 10 PM (two sets?)

July 20, Wed – O’Brien’s Pub, Boston, MA w/ Ophibre, Middle Kingdom, Luke Moldof ; 10 PM

July 21, Thur – York, PA, TBA w/ Joe Houpert

July 22, Fri – Princeton, NJ, TBA w/ Joe Houpert