February 09, 2010

The recent live WNUR performance by Travis Bird and Daniel Burke is now available for listening on the station's website. The performance included a number of diverse passages, as well as a brief interview. Video was captured throughout and will be edited into visual elements for future performances, and perhaps a throwback "music video," once a staple for major-label-backed television exposure.

Chicago is experiencing a lively and unexpected snowstorm today. Those not working outdoors will toast once again to the continued bravery of such hearty souls who keep the city functioning during these white moments.

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  1. hello, i'm sal and i play for chicago based animal city. we are just getting around to compiling a ton of taped records and we want to know if you'd like to hear some of the more abient, trial and error, noise we've compiled. we'd love to collaborate. i could send you some stuff and you could weed through it and tell me if it's worth a damn. shoot me an email if you're interested. links below. -sal