June 04, 2010

Sold out of most of the tapes. Saving some for the Kinzie Art Walk in Chicago and for shows. We have a handful left of each. Please get in touch if you'd like some, or contact Discriminate Music or Reckless Records and see if they have some first.

2 spectacular releases coming up next Thursday by Tärr and The North Sea. These orders will receive free stickers and letterpress printed cards, while supplies last. A sale will occur in which you may purchase both for 10$ppd in the States of America.

Much in the works, including new tapes by a number of musicians, a new website and other developments.

Full update very soon with more information.

Thanks and enjoy the summer.

Send good thoughts to the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding land. And all the families, animals, fishermen and towns affected by such a horrendous disaster. Fuck oil and fuck BP.

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