November 29, 2010

Update : Godseye, Organ of Species

In the works are two tapes by Brad Rose and Eden Hemming's Godseye project, and Scott "Cloud" Johnson's new alias Organ of Species. These should hopefully be available by the end of the year.

(Notice #14) : Godseye - "No More Cake Here" (C40)

(Notice #15) : Organ of Species - "Random Selection" (C30)

We also just noticed that Tomentosa has copies of Evan Lindorff-Ellery's tape "Conflicts and Interrelationships" (NTR002). This is sold out at Discriminate Music, and we don't have any copies left. So they're the last ones.

Look for more Lindorff-Ellery, on a forthcoming project with Travis Bird, featuring solo works, and on the solo tape "The Tea Merchant and His Atmospheres".

Here is a preview of the Godseye tape, as posted on Foxy Digitalis / Peyote Tapes :

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