December 25, 2010

Early Winter Season sound compositions 2010

Tinmouth Church, Vermont
As of 9 November 2011 :
Most of these have been removed and/or expired. They are still available for free download/donation. Please contact us to work something out. noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks !!

For the season, here are some compositions, both old and new, available for download.

More information, some photographs and hopefully more tracks to come, as well as our year-end lists and reflections.

~ Enjoy your holidays

For download from Evan Lindorff-Ellery
1 Carillon Project (made using only recordings from a church Carillon sounding on Christmas Eve, recorded with a very poor quality digital camera, capturing video.)

2 Opera and Rain 2

3 Variation on a Counterpoint Christmas (made using only tracks from Counterpoint's Christmas album, directed by Robert DeCormier)

4 Radiator in November 1206_215914

5 Composition For Field Drones And Domestic Recordings

6 Recordings Together

For download from Bird & Bird :

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