December 22, 2011

NTR022 & NTR021 - Windmill • Waterwheel & 56K

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( Notice #22 ) — Windmill • Waterwheel : " Waterwheel • Windmill " (C40)
One may be aware of Kirk Marrison’s work through Fibreforms and Kiln. During the mid-'90s, Marrison collaborated with NYC guitarist Charlie Nash (Arsenal/Rhys Chatham) on two releases slated for Alley Sweeper Records. The first, Waterwheel – Panchroma, was released, but due to the disintegration of the label, the second was not. " WaterwheelWindmill " is that release, finally emerging in 2011 under the WindmillWaterwheel moniker. Combining rhythmic explorations with some seriously alive processing and textures, these pieces still feel fresh today, 15 years after they were recorded.

Nash moved to the Midwest, but his influence on the late-‘70s No Wave New York scene has been noted. Here, he provides a variety of musical textures with objects, prepared and played guitar, and guitar as transmitter of beauty. Marrison sculpts these into teeming atmospherics, constantly dipping in and out of amorphous spaces; at times sounding like a forest and at times like clippings of forgotten landscapes, sewn together by threads of hot water.

- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Pro-printed on heavy stock.
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.
- Type II Cobalt
- Edition of 100

( Notice #21 ) — 56K : " Generations Lost " (C30)
Generations Lost is the debut Notice Recordings release of 56K, the new project of Josh Burke. Over the past few years, Burke has released dozens of tapes under several aliases—Sky Limousine, Ocean Diamond, Silk Fountain, etc—showcasing his ethereal synth constructions. As this tape’s title suggests, 56K continues Burke’s explorations on themes related to memory, perception, and reproduction. Highlights from the half-dozen tracks include the trancelike unfolding epic “A Dream Within A Dream,” the retro-gaming arpeggiated breakdown of the title track, and “Angel,” a bold and mysterious New Age homage. Elusive and dreamlike, these half-recognized zones emerge organically from the musical framework of Burke’s pieces.

- Collaborative artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery and Josh Burke. Pro-printed on heavy stock.
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.
- Type II Cobalt
- Edition of 100

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