March 01, 2011

Godseye and Dense Reduction. Two new tapes

As the winter slowly thaws and the local squirrels reappear in increasing numbers, we are proud to offer our first releases of 2011—two new tapes by Godseye and Dense Reduction. We also have some newly available back stock.

#1 : (Notice #14) Godseye : " No More Cake Here " (C40)

Godseye (Eden Hemming Rose, Brad Rose, and Nathan Young) has wowed us with their first two releases focused on spoken-word readings. With No More Cake Here, texts from Natalie Diaz, Edward Kuznetsov, Emma Goldman, and Seth Abramson are read over beautifully crafted synth textures. From the opening words of the title track, the intensity present in the slow, even readings and barely concealed chaos is unmistakable. Beneath wells of feedback and roiling synths, occasional bursts of light emerge on “Prison Diaries 20th December.” “A Menace To Liberty” delivers a pointedly defiant text from Goldman, and “Gideon Asleep By The River” is contemplative and yearning, almost like a requiem, but perhaps hopeful. This tape mines beauty in the darkness lurking in all corners. Unique and very compelling.

- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Foil stamped on heavy stock.

- An edition of 100.
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.

#2 : (Notice #7) Dense Reduction : "
Shadows of Shipwrecks in Napkins on Shore "

Notice Recordings house band Dense Reduction have explored much new territory recently (mostly yet-to-be released), but they return to their signature sounds on Shadows Of Shipwrecks In Napkins on Shore. The A-side delivers their unique brand of texture and energy, shifting through AM radio, synthesizer squeals, looped bells and Theremin, and no-input mixing. The B-side shows off the extremes of Dense Reduction, building from a quiet, ambiguous synth figure to a wave of noise that simmers, lying in wait until the very last seconds. Recorded almost one year ago, and initially slated for release in 2010, Shadows of Shipwrecks can now be seen as a summation of Dense Reduction’s early-period work.

- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Foil stamped on heavy stock.

- An edition of 60.
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire.

Prices are 6.5$ North America / 9.5$ World
Sale : Both for 11$ North America / 16$ World
noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

Samples :

Two months into 2011. Our label has existed for about a year, and we are thoroughly enjoying our existence.
We thank all visitors for their support!

We have also uncovered some copies of previously sold-out titles. Copies of the following tapes are now available—

NTR001 – Dense Reduction, Dense Reduction (only 1)

NTR003 – Dense Reduction, Hobbes Diamond (only 4)

NTR004 – Dense Reduction, Cornerstone Mill (only 4)

NTR008 – Leavitt Ours, Movement (only 2)

NTR010 – The North Sea, Relinquished Sparks (only 3)

NTR011 – Yellow Crystal Star, Pathway To Celestial Towers (only 8)

NTR012 – Red Electric Rainbow, Sky Underneath (only 11)

NTR-R-IOS01 – Illusion of Safety, Repairs (only 2)

If you’re interested in any of these, let us know. They are available at discounted prices.

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