April 05, 2011

Show reminder ; Pre-Orders

Frans de Waard over at Vital Weekly, with his superhuman turnaround, has posted reviews for 3 tapes, including two which have not been released yet. If anyone by chance has arrived at this site with the intention of purchasing Organ Of Species - " Random Selection " or Nathan Mclaughlin - " Echolocation #5 ", you may certainly place a pre-order right now. Both of those tapes will be officially announced when we get to it, no later than the end of this week. The Godseye tape, " No More Cake Here " is also still available. Please email us : noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

In Dense Reduction news, please accept a quick reminder that they'll be playing a show at the Impala Gallery in Rogers Park, Chicago. This is part of the Kaleid Series. Winters In Osaka and Crucifagium are also performing. That's the 7th of April, this Thursday at 1768 West Greenleaf Ave, Rogers Park. Way north ! Doors @ 9 ; Bands @ 10.

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