April 29, 2011

Notice tapes available in Chicago

For all you local Chicago folk, three Notice titles--Dense Reduction's Shadows of Shipwrecks In Napkins On Shore (NTR007), Red Electric Rainbow Sky Underneath (NTR012), and Godseye's No More Cake Here (NTR014)--are now available at the Milwaukee Ave. location of Reckless Records. Now you can make Notice Recordings part of your next Chicago scavenger hunt.

In other late-notice Notice news, Jon Mueller (NTR013 - Halves) will be playing tonight--Friday, April 30--at Enemy, 1550 N. Milwaukee, third floor. He is supporting his upcoming second full-length on Type. He will share the bill with Corridors, the excellent multi-channel audio immersion project of New Yorker Byron Westbrook.

Happy weekend, and thanks to all the positive response to our A.V. Club interview.

April 26, 2011

Notice Recordings Explained

We have been featured in a video as part of a series called "Tapes 'n' Tapes", which is part of the AV Club, a subsection of The Onion online. The series documents and presents various Chicago-based cassette labels.

Thanks very much to Leor Galil for all his hard work and kind interactions.

Full coverage may be read by following this link :

The video is on YouTube as well :


April 21, 2011

Dense Reduction on 2:00 AM Tapes

Notice Recordings "house band" Dense Reduction now has a tape available on 2:00 AM Tapes. It is entitled " Shifting Interior ", and was recorded in the early Summer of 2010 in Edgewater, Chicago.

The above image displays both the cover and the second, fold-over panel. Photography by Travis Bird and Evan Lindorff-Ellery, from Argentina and South Korea, respectively.

Track listing :
A : Vulnch Pihnt
B : Fine Threads in a River

Purchase those over at 2:00 AM tapes, here.

April 09, 2011

Notice #17 & #15 - Nathan McLaughlin and Organ of Species

Two new tapes for the Spring
Prices are 6.5$ North America / 9.5$ World
Sale : Both for 11$ North America / 16$ World
noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

Shipping Costs, Multiple Item Deals

#1 : ( Notice #17 ) Nathan McLaughlin : " Echolocation #5 " (C60)
This is Nathan McLaughlin’s latest installment of his Echolocation series. Following releases on Digitalis and Gift Tapes, #5 also continues the organic and thoughtful work of his duo Loud & Sad. Focused on tape loops, layers of delay, and some chordal forms, each piece is meticulously and methodically built, with each sonic element given its due. This sense of pacing and care given to every moment is a crucial element of McLaughlin’s work, and it’s deeply attuned here. The pieces reflect the environment in which they were composed, tight-knit and rural; they mass like storm clouds, and then are barely there, leaving just the fluttering of a distant echo. Stretches of silence, and windblown expanses. Rich chords swell into deeply contemplative passages that are gradually stripped away. A gorgeous, hushed set of tape music.
- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery and N. McLaughlin. Foil stamped on heavy stock
- An edition of 100
- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire

#2 : ( Notice #15 ) Organ of Species : " Random Selection " (C30)

Organ of Species is the newest musical incarnation of Scott Cloud (Thoughts On Air; Cloud Valley Recordings). For OOS’ debut release, Scott focuses on documenting, or even mirroring, natural processes through his organic and unhurried pieces. The bases for these tracks are woolly, thick organ drones and heavy outdoor ambience that are constantly, subtly regenerating. There is the path, and there are constant divergences from the path. Overgrown textures roll along with occasional mutations, interruptions, and overtakings. Just as suddenly, things cut and shift entirely, forming a series of non-narrative snapshots into a process that is constantly occurring, resolutely alive. With minimal human interference, the music breathes on its own. A few foreboding elements toward the end of each side point to a disturbance, but we can’t read too much into it—this is just the nature of things.

- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Foil stamp overlay on pro-printed, full-color card stock

- An edition of 100

- Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire

Samples :

Godseye and Dense Reduction tapes are still available. Let us know if you want all 4, and we'll do a discount.

April 05, 2011

Show reminder ; Pre-Orders

Frans de Waard over at Vital Weekly, with his superhuman turnaround, has posted reviews for 3 tapes, including two which have not been released yet. If anyone by chance has arrived at this site with the intention of purchasing Organ Of Species - " Random Selection " or Nathan Mclaughlin - " Echolocation #5 ", you may certainly place a pre-order right now. Both of those tapes will be officially announced when we get to it, no later than the end of this week. The Godseye tape, " No More Cake Here " is also still available. Please email us : noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

In Dense Reduction news, please accept a quick reminder that they'll be playing a show at the Impala Gallery in Rogers Park, Chicago. This is part of the Kaleid Series. Winters In Osaka and Crucifagium are also performing. That's the 7th of April, this Thursday at 1768 West Greenleaf Ave, Rogers Park. Way north ! Doors @ 9 ; Bands @ 10.