July 30, 2010

Bird & Burke video

Here is a quick montage video of the Bird & Burke duo peforming at WNUR last winter. An amazing day of fog rolling in over Lake Michigan , with chunks of ice and snow floating on the undulating surface. Kind of funny to see this during the summer.
Be sure to attend their performance at the Hideout tonight around 10PM. The new record on Complacency will be sold at this show !

Montage by Dan Burke, footage by Evan Lindorff-Ellery.

A quick excerpt of a "review" by Peter Margasak of the Offstrings record : "... the real-time activity is beautifully complemented by clouds of effects-enhanced harmony, drone, and texture. In some cases it's clear that a guitar is the main sound source, and in others it's much harder to be sure."

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