July 23, 2010

Dense Reduction on Digitalis Industries and on the radio (WHPK)

This tape is sold out at Digitalis. Please get in touch with Experimedia, Eclipse Records, Mimaroglu Music Sales or Discriminate Music to purchase one. We also have some copies that just came in. They are normal price. Get in touch.
Thanks !

Notice Recordings artist Dense Reduction is extremely honoured to have a tape on Digitalis Industries. Recorded specifically for the label and given to Brad while he was on tour in Chicago. Perfect for the summer heat. Integrates well into vegetation.

Information :

Dense Reduction ; "Fictive Agriculture" (C42)
A : Theoretical Township
B : A Prelude to Shade

Pro-dubbed, 2 panel full colour printed insert on metallic paper.

Excerpt from Digitalis promo :
"new organic sonar trails through hazy concrete forests. this is music that requires repeated listens to fully digest all the layers. things start off minimal and almost-melodic before bursting into a blown-out, churning mess. things go back & forth, covered in tape hiss and full of tonal warmth. it's like unsuspectingly tuning into lost radio transmissions from the past half-century, sending out maydays from a distant planet."

More information and samples, see here :

ALSO, Dense Reduction will be on the radio with Dan Burke of Illusion of Safety and Travis Bird & Daniel Burke, as well as Evan Lindorff-Ellery. Any combination of those aforementioned artists is possible.
Dan Burke has cancelled. Joe Shriner will be playing with Dense Reduction, and from this grouping will come forth the new project MINT RUT. Thanks !

The radio station is WHPK and the show is called Pure Hype. It starts at 9:00. http://whpk.org/shows/pure_hype/

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