September 28, 2010

Jon Mueller : "Halves"

This release is now sold out. Please contact distributors for copies. Discriminate Music and Winds Measure Recordings' online shop should have a few copies, but *not yet*. In a week or so. Possibly more than those two ; we're still working it all out. Thanks to everyone who placed and order and your support ! More to come soon ...

(Notice #13) Jon Mueller : " Halves "

Notice Recordings is very proud to release these pieces by Jon Mueller. For those who have been lucky enough to experience his recent live performances, you may have an idea of what to expect. Based on a simple setup featuring a bracing, undulating drumroll, layers of gleaming aural textures gradually accumulate within themselves, variegated by softly shifting rhythmic patterns. Such a body of sound translates well on magnetic tape ; the thick infrastructure of this music will only change with time and chosen methods of playback.
- Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery, packaging concept by Travis Bird. 3-colour letterpress printed on heavy stock.
- Insert comes in two halves : one side featuring metallic gold ink, the other side featuring metallic silver ink. These two halves meet and form a whole within the cassette tape case.
- An edition of 60.

- Pro-dubbed, imprinted clear cassettes.

Sound samples can be found here : Jon Mueller - Excerpt 01 by Notice Recordings
Jon Mueller - Excerpt 02 by Notice Recordings

Prices are 7.5$ North America / 10.5$ World. As always, please send payment to noticerecordings[at]gmail[dot]com. Please contact us for cash or trade orders or other arrangements...
We have a slight price increase this time due to a double print-run and significantly more time spent assembling and cutting the inserts. Normal prices to resume next time.
All orders will receive stickers, while supplies last. Letterpress cards featuring new artwork will be available in the future.


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