July 30, 2010

Bird & Burke video

Here is a quick montage video of the Bird & Burke duo peforming at WNUR last winter. An amazing day of fog rolling in over Lake Michigan , with chunks of ice and snow floating on the undulating surface. Kind of funny to see this during the summer.
Be sure to attend their performance at the Hideout tonight around 10PM. The new record on Complacency will be sold at this show !

Montage by Dan Burke, footage by Evan Lindorff-Ellery.

A quick excerpt of a "review" by Peter Margasak of the Offstrings record : "... the real-time activity is beautifully complemented by clouds of effects-enhanced harmony, drone, and texture. In some cases it's clear that a guitar is the main sound source, and in others it's much harder to be sure."

July 29, 2010

Offstrings performance at The Hideout

Almost forgot to mention the show at the Hideout coming up this Friday, which will support the new record on Complacency, mentioned below.

David Daniell
Mark Shippy
Travis Bird & Daniel Burke
Michael Vallera

The Hideout, 1354 West Wabansia

That record will be for sale as well as some Notice Recordings stuff.

July 28, 2010

Complacency revival : "Offstrings" compilation featuring Travis Bird & Daniel Burke

Notice Recordings artists Travis Bird & Daniel Burke are featured on a great new guitar-based compilation called "Offstrings : Inventions for Guitar". This is released on Dan Burke's recently revived Complacency Productions label. It's very exciting to see this label active again, and we're looking forward to what comes from it.

Information from Complacency Productions :

Format : 180 gram colored vinyl LP. Edition of 500 with free download.
(100 clear, 100 clear & translucent blue, 100 translucent blue, 100 white & translucent blue, 100 white)
Catalog # : CR201001
Cost : $18 US ppd. $14 pre-orders until 7/29- $22 world ppd.

Music samples, other information and bios are available at the site. http://www.complacencyrecords.com/

Get in touch with them !
complacency (at) Complacencyrecords (dot) com

July 23, 2010

Dense Reduction on Digitalis Industries and on the radio (WHPK)

This tape is sold out at Digitalis. Please get in touch with Experimedia, Eclipse Records, Mimaroglu Music Sales or Discriminate Music to purchase one. We also have some copies that just came in. They are normal price. Get in touch.
Thanks !

Notice Recordings artist Dense Reduction is extremely honoured to have a tape on Digitalis Industries. Recorded specifically for the label and given to Brad while he was on tour in Chicago. Perfect for the summer heat. Integrates well into vegetation.

Information :

Dense Reduction ; "Fictive Agriculture" (C42)
A : Theoretical Township
B : A Prelude to Shade

Pro-dubbed, 2 panel full colour printed insert on metallic paper.

Excerpt from Digitalis promo :
"new organic sonar trails through hazy concrete forests. this is music that requires repeated listens to fully digest all the layers. things start off minimal and almost-melodic before bursting into a blown-out, churning mess. things go back & forth, covered in tape hiss and full of tonal warmth. it's like unsuspectingly tuning into lost radio transmissions from the past half-century, sending out maydays from a distant planet."

More information and samples, see here :

ALSO, Dense Reduction will be on the radio with Dan Burke of Illusion of Safety and Travis Bird & Daniel Burke, as well as Evan Lindorff-Ellery. Any combination of those aforementioned artists is possible.
Dan Burke has cancelled. Joe Shriner will be playing with Dense Reduction, and from this grouping will come forth the new project MINT RUT. Thanks !

The radio station is WHPK and the show is called Pure Hype. It starts at 9:00. http://whpk.org/shows/pure_hype/

July 19, 2010

Poem : "Deep horizon"

by Gary Lindorff

Looking out across the gulf
Of our mistakes, accidents and crimes
I see a murky horizon
Blurred by the brine of a tear
That is taking its time
Gaining enough weight
To trail down my cheek.
The deep horizon of this grief
Is far deeper than I thought.
Was I foolish to come ?
Didn't I know that any space so hollowed
And left empty,
Even for an instant,
Fills with the tears of those
Who wept before us ?
Such a weight, such a gulf,
Such a deep horizon.
Even the crabs, the flattest of nations,
Cannot squeeze beneath
This mile-deep grief.
Fish roast in the sun
Like blackened shavings
Of silver and copper ;
In solidarity,
I mimic their down-turned mouths.

. . . Sickened by the smell of the air we have made . . .

I come here to wade knee deep
Into this ruined place
And try to feel what we've done,
But I can't even properly ask
A dead pelican for forgiveness :

But if our madness is our refusal to learn
From your sacrifice
Then our madness is our tomorrow.

What if we can't make it better
Unless we go away ?

. . . As you return to what you were
Before we called you "pelican",
Let us then return to what we were
Before we named you !
What was that ?
What were we anyway,
Before we named ourselves "chosen" ?

July 11, 2010

Tapes sold out; two new ones; TB & DB tour; Dense Reduction on Digitalis

*All our tapes are sold out, including the Dense Reduction tapes from earlier in the year. *

Hello from Maine, down from North Eastern Canada, en route to Vermont and soon back to Chicago. Other half in California.

HOWEVER, for all of America, please contact Discriminate Music for all 8 tapes.
For folks in Europe, and presumably the rest of the world, wanting the newer tapes and also the Illusion of Safety reissue, "Repairs", they may contact Colour Ride (not for IOS) or Boomkat. Boomkat should have a fair amount of the North Sea tape and a very limited amount of the IOS tape.
Colour Ride currently has Tärr and The North Sea, and Boomkat should post theirs in about a week. Things are available from Discriminate now.

Since releasing the tapes listed below, a small hiatus has ensued, soon ending with two new Notices : #11 and #12. The first is by Red Electric Rainbow, who is deeply entwined within the weaves of preparation for the Neon Marshmallow Festival, taking place at the Viaduct Theatre this August in Chicago. The lineup is exceptional. Be sure to attend. Artwork this time on green paper, printed with white ink.

The second tape is by Yellow Crystal Star, who will also be embarking upon a tour this late July. Music recorded in Bangkok. Featuring photography by Mark integrated into the Notice Recordings design.

In other news, Travis Bird & Dan Burke will be touring for their guitar duo project along the East Coast in September. Exact dates and venues TBA.

Also, Dense Reduction and probably Illusion of Safety (or some combination of DR, DR & IOS, ELE + TB & DB, etc) will be performing on WHPK's show, "Pure Hype". Details are unclear as of now, but the airing should be on the 23rd of July.

And lastly, look out for a DR tape on Digitalis Industries Ltd., dropping sometime in July. It is called "Fictive Agriculture".

That's all for now. A couple photographs from excursions might be posted later, as well as other Notice News.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer... take in an open landscape; accepting the miniature summer epiphanies.